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Help us create a new economic reality for Baltimore! I know you’re ready to see this vision come to fruition, and we can’t do it without you. This is our local money. Let’s make it work for us.

Use the link above, or mail your support to us at:

Baltimore Green Currency Association
c/o Fusion Partnerships
1601 Guilford Ave., 2 South
Baltimore, MD 21202

Please make your check out to “Fusion Partnerships” and include “BGCA” in the note space.  Fusion Partnerships is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as the fiscal sponsor for BGCA, and all donations to BGCA are fully tax deductible.

Need more information? Read on!

In March 2011, many Baltimore area residents and businesses helped make the printing of the first series of the BNote possible by contributing to our Kickstarter fundraiser.

Now we’re continuing to add new Baltimore businesses to the BNote network, to spread the message of local value creation and control of our own economy, and to take Baltimore’s BNote to the next level.

Imagine a thriving local economy that works for everyone in our city, where everyone can contribute value to their community and have the means to support their family. Even the first steps toward creating an alternative local economic system, judging by the study in Grand Rapids, Michigan and others, could have profound positive effects for Baltimore’s residents and small businesses.

We believe in this vision and are willing to keep working hard, just as we have over the past 2 years, to make this a reality for Baltimore. But we are an all-volunteer team and we need your help. All funds will be received by our fiscal sponsor, Fusion Partnerships, and will allow us to:

  • hold community events
  • host alt-currency and localization speakers
  • develop and print new merchant materials
  • cover our administrative expenses, like web hosting and meeting supplies
  • make the best use of professional services and part-time staff


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