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About the BNote

The BNote is local currency – real money that can be used for any local transaction in the Baltimore area. As of December 7, 2013, over 35,000 BNotes have been exchanged into circulation and are being accepted in communities across the city.

Over 220 independent businesses accept BNotes, and more are joining the network every week. See the full list in our current Directory, or see all the location-based businesses in one consolidated Google Map here. You can also view text listings of all businesses sorted Alphabetically, by Category, or by Community.


You can get the new currency at any BNote cambio, or money exchange. These are located at some of our participating businesses, and the list of locations is available on our cambios page.

For more information, see our FAQ and our About Local Currency page, and check out some other local currency sites through the links on our Home page, as well as the latest BNote news.

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