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Our Supporters

BGCA is extremely grateful to the foundations, businesses and individuals for their generous donations. People like you help to make the BNote possible and share our vision to foster economic opportunity for Baltimore communities.

The Abell Foundation
Jack Arnold
Sam Cassatt
Jeff Dicken
Julie Ferris-Gouldener
Alfred Griffin
Katie Igrec Lima
Michael Marks
Ian Patrick McDonald
Damien Nichols
Research Associates Foundation
The Jim and Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation
Ian Schlakman
Jason Taft

We also are so thankful to the people and organizations who helped us raise the money for printing our first BNote series in April 2011:

Alpha Graphics, Inc.
Brenna McDonald
Claymonster Pottery
Community Conferencing Center
Dan and Georgia McDonald
Dave Asendorf
Emily Telfair, ND
Green Leaf Gold
HBFPlus Architects
Hygeia Counseling Services
Jack Arnold
Jason Taft
Jeff Dicken
Jessica Groves
Johnny Thorne
Joseph Tassone
Kaylee Zeilinski
Kennedy, Porter and Associates, Consulting Engineers
Leslie Ann Allen
Leslie Delcid
Mark Livett
Mary Cate Slay
Michael Owens
Michael R. Faulkner
Nikki Lewis
Raitzyk-Laidlaw clan
Regina Gelfovision
Robert Cotton
Robert Marbury
Robin Gunkel
Samuel Cassatt
Scott Siskind
Stuart Rodes
Tammy Beckman and Jay Lazar
Ted Newcomb
Ted Wedel
Tina Castronovo
Vincent Vizachero