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BNote Business Network Hits 100 with Dogwood Cafe

The number of Baltimore businesses accepting BNotes continues to grow quickly, and we are very pleased to announce the 100th BNote business: Dogwood Cafe! Dogwood is as concerned with social justice as it is about using sustainable, local ingredients, and we are proud to welcome them to the BNote family. They are currently accepting up to BN20 on each table’s check. Visit them on the web, or better yet, in person!

Of course, we couldn’t have made it this far without all of the merchants and service providers who are with us. The newest places to spend your BNotes – or ask for some as change – are:

Tenpachi Salon
Bohemian Coffee House
Greenbuilders, Inc.
Christopher Schafer Clothier
Heckel Hoops and Heckel Farm School
Three Stone Steps
Harlem Gardens Pharmacy
Andrea Wenger, RD, Nutrition & Wellness Coach at SEEDS
Civilization Systems
Meet 27 Restaurant
Towson Super Market
See Potential – Life Coaching
Diana Keener, Acupuncturist at Ruscombe Mansion
Hour Haus
Pinnacle Plumbing
Perfect Brew Services
ABFAB Design, and
Liam Flynn’s Ale House (opening July 9th on North Avenue)

Get BNotes at any of our cambio locations, and use them to support your local economy today!