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BNote Launch Weekend is Here!


Yes, in only a few short days, you will be able to get some BNotes of your very own! Come out to our launch weekend events:

April 16th at EcoFest in Druid Hill Park, from Noon to 5pm

April 17th at Localize It! in the 3500 block of Ash Street in Hampden, from Noon to 6pm

Reserve your BNotes today for pickup, on our pre-exchange page, or exchange dollars for BNotes at either of the above events. Exchanges at our three cambios will begin on Monday, April 18th.

As of today, over 48 local businesses will be accepting BNotes! See our Directory for the full list, and look for printed directories at all participating businesses!

Baltimore Green Currency Association is an official participant in the 8th Annual Baltimore Green Week, organized by Baltimore Green Works.